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About Vesper Telecom

Vesper Technology Ltd (referred as "Vesper Telecom") specializes in providing telecom services in wholesale messaging. We provide customization services in the form of Fraud Management System and Firewall. We are partnered with multiple Tier-1’s around the world providing International messaging termination to a vast number of destinations. We have a strong hold in Asia and Middle East and branching out to LATAM and African Region.

How We Work


Our Services

Wholesale Messaging

Top Tier SMS Aggregator in EMEA

Fraud Management System

Best , Reliable , Flexible & Efficent

SMS Firewall System

Monetization for A2P Messages

Enterprise Solutions

Erp solutions like CRM, Queing Software etc.,

Business Solutions

The most effective medium of communication is not the Print, TV or Social Network – it is the SMS campaigns that has caught up as a powerful Business to Customer communication tool for the Small, Medium and Large corporations. Statistics prove that 95% of the SMS are received, Opened and read in less than 5 minutes.

Confirmations / Validations / Reminders / Promotions / Informations

SMS provides innumerable benefits to business that includes…


  • Password Verification.
  • Cash Withdrawals.
  • Account Balance.
  • Due date alerts.
  • Promotions.



  • Ticket confirmation
  • Flight Schedule.
  • Baggage Claim.
  • Promotions


  • Renewal Due.
  • Policy Creation
  • Payment Due
  • Promotions

Government Organization

  • National Alerts
  • Weather Alerts
  • Tax Alerts
  • Property Alerts
  • Passport Status

Latest News

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Our focus on quality and customer satisfaction has been the reason for our tremendous success and
we have successfully expanded to becoming a multi solution provider.

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