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Vesper is the Best DND SMS service provider globally and has emerged as the most innovative and open brand that uses the Internet to communicate marketing and educational messages to its target audience.
In this digital environment, requirements demand instant communications with the customers reasonably and reliably. All you need is an internet connection for the SMS services that is sufficient to deliver text messages in bulk with just one click.
Bulk messaging is a growing marketing strategy as it is the most effective way of promoting one’s own business. It is preferred by all sizes of companies ( small to international) to stay connected with existing and potential customers. Additionally, with the help of SMS services, you can reach out to DND numbers and send them bulk SMS.

What is a DND number?

DND is an acronym for ‘Do Not Disturb.’ In accordance with TRAI (Telephone Regulatory Authority of India), DND was put into the registry to efficiently and effectively regulate unwanted commercial messages and calls.

Telecom subscribers will not receive marketing or promotional SMS messages or calls if they register for DND services. However, non-DND numbers will receive promotional and marketing SMS and calls. The registration takes up to seven working days after placing the request with the service provider.

Types OF DND

There are two types of DND available for Telecom users


Fully blocked

This DND service will block all commercial and promotional telecommunications on your number. In addition, they will not be able to contact you anyhow through SMS or calls.


Partially blocked

In this option, telecommunications will ban or block all commercial voice calls. But, you will still have an option to accept promotional SMS messages in your preferred categories.

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Promotional SMS

Promotional SMS used for promoting or selling any company product or service cannot deliver messages on DND (do not disturb ) registered numbers. That is because the TRAIs restrict them from sending any kind of advertising or marketing unrequired messages to the DND numbers. However, they can send messages to the partially blocked DND numbers if they have signed up or given consent to receive promotional SMS at the time of purchase, whether at a physical store or online.


Transactional SMS

Under TRAIs guidelines, sending important text messages via transactional messages to DND numbers is now possible. Transactional SMS used to send necessary information for users can send informative messages to the DND users. For example, many companies use Transactional SMS to update you about your bank account status, critical data, invoice details, confirmation alerts, and other personal information. They can instantly send you updates and anything important from any device.

Features of DND services

  • Once you put your mobile number on the Do Not Disturb (DND) service, your phone number is unavailable to telecom and other companies as a paid database.
  • The DND allows you to pick your preferences for what kind of numbers you want to block or if you wish to stop all types of commercial communication- calls and SMS.
  • DND services allow you to change your DND preferences. That means you can unblock some categories from the DND portal zone, like for instance, messages from banks can be unblocked while other numbers remain blocked.
  • Despite registering for DND services, you can lodge a complaint if you receive any unsolicited calls or messages.
  • After you file a complaint for the issues you had to face with DND services, you can keep an update on the status of whether any action has been taken or not on the complaints.

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